New Tech Helps Curb Distractions In Classrooms

Writing & Research: Emily Czenszak 


Our attention is divided more than ever. It’s a problem we acknowledge as a society, yet seem to struggle to find solutions for. While mindless scrolling on a daily commute might not be a huge cause for concern, misdirected attention in the classroom can set up new generations up for failure. Many teachers are already seeing a decline in the receptiveness of their students to the same material they’ve been teaching for years.


    Part of progression is adaptation. Adapting to the changes and new problems that emerge from these seemingly beneficial technologies. The world is constantly moving forward yet, we tend to look back at simpler times. While looking back seems to illicit a simple solution, it’s foolish to believe our world will ever revert back to technology-free schools. Ironically, their only defense is more technology.


    For years Lenovo Software has pioneered classroom management software. Now, they’re expanding their efforts as disengagement in classrooms continues. Their new cloud-based classroom orchestration solution, LanSchool Air, unites numerous online classroom activities within one centralized platform.


    One of the main, yet overlooked, issues with technology in the classroom is the lack of education for the systems themselves. Students can fall behind simply because they are unfamiliar with the technology. Teachers waste time walking around the classroom, ensuring each student is on the same page. The Push Website tool in LanSchool Air allows teachers to launch the same webpage on every classroom device; thus, allocating more time for teaching of the subject rather than the technology. Keying in on the individual students’ needs, Thumbnail Monitoring provides teachers with thumbnail views of all student screens which allows them to both see what students are working on and if additional help is needed.


    Most obviously, by providing students with these technologies, we welcome in the abuse of the privilege. A sad truth is that children are exposed to a lot more now than they were in years prior. Overexposure to adult material comes with the fear of inappropriate Internet usage during school hours. To combat this emerging fear, the Web Limiting tool limits web browsing to approved websites; thus, keeping students protected and on task. However, if a teacher finds their student is distracted, they can simply use the Blank Screen feature to lockdown screens and keyboards with one click.


    Our future is in these classrooms. At elementary and middle school ages, children’s brains are like sponges. In order to maximize their learning, technologies such as LanSchool Air need to be implemented to combat the trending disengagement in classrooms across America today.


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