Robotic Arm Simplifies Complex Motion Control  

Writing & Research: Emily Czenszak


With brands working directly with production companies, ad agencies are left to wonder how much longer they can stay afloat in an ever-changing landscape. Taking the lead in this shift, Where It’s Greater is a creative production company utilizing innovative tech to create campaigns for fashion and entertainment brands.


Integral to their nimbleness as a company is a motion control rig that limits the need for a larger team, but generates large-scale results.


By producing one of the lightest and most compact robotic arms on the market, Where It’s Greater aims to make the traditional 6-axis arm obsolete.


While on-location shoots and productions in tight spaces would be infeasible for traditional 6-axis arms, the 250 pound robotic arm is ideally suited for such productions. Operating out of a 4000 square foot studio space, the studio is suitable for small to medium size productions—however, the easily transportable equipment makes larger productions and on-location shoots a possibility.


While motion control can be very complex, companies like Where It’s Greater use innovative tech to make the process simpler, leaner, and more affordable.


Bridging the gap between engineering, creative production, and campaign execution, lean agencies may-well be poised to benefit in a media landscape that is continually bending towards direct collaboration between brands and production companies.



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Implementing AI into the workplace can be costly if the AI is built from scratch, and Daniel Faggella of Techemergence notes that the use of AI is not conducive to all business practices and should therefore be thoroughly considered before moving ahead and paying for experts in AI, such as data scientists who could cost over $100k in certain cities.

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New Platform Simplifies Mobile Password Integration

"Your username and password are incorrect."
If you are triggered by these words, you've most likely experienced 'password rage.'


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