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Modern recruitment platforms offer a spray and pray approach in which applicants' resumes are sent to everyone and seen by no one. We understand that startup recruitment is a holistic process that goes far beyond a resume. A startup is more than a company. It's a culture: one that's made up by the team that populates it. That's why Start It Up Talent is screened by us, and if qualified, connected directly to hiring decision-makers.

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Thera Inc: Virtual Reality Therapy of the Future

An innovative solution that offers virtual reality therapy for children and adults alike, VR company Thera is providing a software application in which patients can feel comfortable opening up in VR to certified therapists.

Tech-savvy youngsters that have trouble opening up to a therapist in person have already benefited from Thera’s virtual environments in therapy. Thera allows them to share their deepest feelings in a VR environment that they feel comfortable in, and even allows the therapist to take the form of a customizable VR avatar.

Cryzen: Algorithmic Trading Gets Democratized

Managing cryptocurrency market trades doesn’t have to be cryptic - or time consuming. The team at Cryzen is on the fast track to integrating machine learning and custom algorithms to investors of the cryptocurrency market, all while hosting a XEN token bounty program that supports learning coding.

Wekudo: Event Planning Gets Automated

For companies struggling to plan an office event that is both interactive as well as aesthetically-pleasing, Wekudo aims to provide an innovative solution.

Wearworks: Allowing the Blind to See Through Touch

Through the use of WearWorks’ technology, consumers who are blind and visually impaired have more freedom when it comes to navigation.

Kyso: Unification Through Data Visualization

We sat down with Helena Domo to talk about how her company Kyso is bringing clarity to the world of data.

Helixsleep: Bringing Rest to the City that Never Sleeps

We sat down with Helixsleep Co-Founder Adam Tishman to see how he's hoping to get New York City insomniacs reacquainted with a good nights rest.

Down To Dash: Combatting Big-City Loneliness

We sat down with Sama Jashnani to talk about how modern tech could offer ways to solve the problems of metropolitan isolation and disconnection rather than exacerbate them.

Saavor: Reinventing The Home-Cooked Meal

Given the fast-paced reality of city life, the joy of a wholesome, home-cooked meal is a fantasy, or at best, a childhood memory for most New Yorkers. The complexity of cosmopolitan life often means the simple pleasures are the most overlooked, eclipsed by the ambition, progress, and cutthroat capitalism that makes a healthy connection to oneself, one’s food, and one’s community seem impossible.