Courtney Brand, founder of thelighthouse, explains that the career support group is dedicated to young professionals attempting to move into unfamiliar industries. Although the inspiration for thelightouse came to Brand while she was in China, the company was launched in New York City, which Brand believes is the perfect place due to the city’s strong startup world and variety of leading industries for young professionals to acclimate themselves.

Thelighthouse is a unique career support website in its personalized career quiz, asking specific questions about the type of help that’s needed and who would be best suited to give advice. For example, a customer could ask for a resume review from someone working in People Operations at a tech company. The customer is then given the option of choosing one of three “lighthouse insiders” who have been selected as the best matches for that person. These lighthouse insiders are usually young professionals who are working across a range of industries for top companies like Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Spotify, and others. There are currently over 125 of them who want to pay it forward while maximizing their coaching experience and making money on the side.

After the customer chooses their desired lighthouse insider, they have a 45 minute video session via Zoom, which is the perfect amount of time to have preconceived questions and concerns answered in addition to receiving any further advice the lighthouse insider has to offer.


When it’s startups like this that become invaluable to those people. Thelighthouse connects young professionals who are going places to young professionals who have been there and takes career advice to the next level. Brand realized this type of career support group was necessary when she kept receiving requests for advice from people on LinkedIn. She talked to them due to her love of conversations, but when it came to her own career needs, like preparing her case for a promotion, the only people she felt like she could consult were people she has close, personal relationships with - not those in her field of interest. When Brand went the extra mile for a woman named Ruolin and gave her insights into how her experiences made her a strong consulting candidate, Ruolin was able to accept a job offer from PwC. It was this interaction that Brand says “was the light bulb moment when I realized that the experience, knowledge, network and insights are out there, the only thing missing was the right platform, community and incentives to connect these two groups”, and sparked the creation of thelighthouse.


Two days before moving to NYC, Brand and her team were accepted to the Founder Institute NYC Accelerator, a three month program is set up to only accept people they feel are exceptional entrepreneurs at heart. Being accepted to this program helped to get thelighthouse team immediately integrated into the startup environment, and the generous, honest, and as Brand puts it, “helpfully harsh” feedback from the mentors guided thelighthouse to be a well-rounded company and Brand to be a wiser founder, all of which is shown in their business model and elegantly designed website.


Becoming NYC’s number one trusted career platform, specifically for young adults who are career transitioning, is the main goal of thelighthouse at the moment, and with all those services being under $100, the lighthouse has a strong shot at reaching that goal.



Success is all about networking. If an opportunity arises because of a personal relationship, it’s important to follow that lead to its end, whether that end is a job or meeting another someone in a relevant industry. That’s old news.


What if someone transitions to another industry after years of cultivating contacts? What if a recent graduate has a strong shot at landing that job, but it would be their first time in such a high position?


Thelighthouse wants to answer these questions.

Career Advice For The Capable

Writing & Research By  Roxanne Shweky

Career Advice For The Capable

Writing & Research By Roxanne Shweky

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